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Hurray to Mike!

I had been having major problems with my PC for some time now. After having gone to my local computer repair store on more than several occasions.... I decided to call Mike before junking my very slow, problematic PC. He assessed potential causes, costs and solutions. I appreciated his patience, his layman?s terminology and his determination to get problems resolved. Thanks to Mike my PC is now running like new. Mike is a courteous, wonderfully helpful and efficient. He is prompt, reliable and a pleasure to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mike to anyone in need of computer assistance.

Janet Ricevtuo Park Slope, Brooklyn

Michael Jonas saves the Day

Our company has been coming to Mike with all of our computer hardships for the last 3-4 years. Whether it be our server, hard drive failure, outlook, or any number of problems that could arise with computer technology, Mike has always come through for us, determined to fix the problem, dedicating his time sometimes in a moments notice, and always with concern of cost to us. We know that we can trust and always count on Mike, and therefore we highly recommend Mike and Brooklyn PC Clinic!

Amie Rogosin - Montecastelli Selections United States

I have approached Mike three different times so far for business and personal computer issues. He is extremely trustworthy, dependable and kind. I highly recommend his services for any issues you may have. He will be sure to find a solution.

Larissa J. Brooklyn, NY

I am a a partner in 40 lawyer international trade law firm based in New York City with offices in Boston, D.C. L.A. and Hong Kong. I live and work in midtown and I use Mike regulalarly to keep my home computer up and running and the office interface humming. Mike is extroardinarily talented in analiziing and adressing problems and identifying software and solutions designed to minimize, if not eliminate, future difficulties. He is responsive and implements solutions in a timely and cost effective manner. installed fixed. I can recommend him without reservation.


Musician/Music Educator (NYC Public Schools)

My wife is an artist and I am a musician. We are both educators with varying degrees of computer-techno-phobia. What stands out in the service we have received from Brooklyn PC Clinic (Mike Jonas) vs. other assistance we have received in the past is quite simply the successful result. Mike is clear in his explanations, concise in his work and relentless in identifying the problem and will not consider the job done until he used every tool at his disposal. This translates to getting the job done. My wife Shanee and I highly recommend his services to all.

Moshe Weidenfeld Brooklyn, NY


After dealing with a number of so called experts, I contacted Mike to get to grips with a problem that was disabling my business. He promptly fixed it and clearly explained to me how to resolve similar issues in the future hence saving me time and money. I highly recommend him, he is both professional and an expert in his field.

jill cowdry london, england

Guy has skills!

Couldn't be happier, computer fixed. Mike is great to work with and speedy. Very trustworthy (which was important to me, as my computer skills lacking). Price is fair and reasonable. Highly recommend.

Sonja S. Park Slope


Mike has been absolutely clutch on many occasions. Incredibly reliable and great to work with. As someone who knows a lot about computers, I have to say the man knows his stuff, unlike 90% of the "computer repair technicians" I've had the dubious pleasure of dealing with. A definite pro.

T Gage brooklyn

Above and beyond

My hard drive died and Mike went so far beyond what I would have expected to recover my data. Great guy and a pleasure to work with.

John Seneris Park Slope

Smart, Fast & Reliable

Mike is a pleasure to work with. When my power supply decided to attempt to light itself on fire during a tough deadline, he was immediately available (despite his rather pressing personal commitments) to confirm the diagnosis, swap it out and get me back to the tasks at hand. He stands behind his work, and embodies the amazing combination of quick and competent while still affordable. Highly recommended on both a personal and professional level.

Eileen Brooklyn, NY

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