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sane and smart service

I called Mike when Dell told me my motherboard had died and it would cost me $$$ to repair. Mike helped me figure out how to keep the power on, while saving money on that repair that could be better put toward a new computer. He was a sane voice and very clear. I'm now backed up and ready for anything. He was kind enough to advise me gratis and would have helped me with anything I needed for reasonable fees. He's definitely first on my list from now on for support.

Ellen M Park Slope

Star fixer

My laptop had the major snafoodle last summer. Mike at Brooklyn PC Clinic fixed it - and that was it, no weirdness even months later. He also built us a new desktop - which we love and has been trouble free.

Amy Langfield Red Hook

How can I praise Mike, let me count the ways: He is prompt and reliable. He is innovative when it comes to finding solutions. He is flexible--willing to take back products that don't work. He is honest, looking to fix your problem in the shortest amount of time possible, rather than bilk you out of more money. He has saved me on numerous occasions with numerous problems.

stuart miller Brooklyn

Mike is a Life-Saver!

The day before Thanksgiving, when projects were due left and right, my hard drive decided to give out. Mike was able to meet with me the NEXT DAY and while I waited retrieved my files, and got my computer in decent enough shape that I could back up the rest. His rate was extremely reasonable--better than any of the estimates I got while calling around (and none of the other guys were willing to meet with me until the next week). Thanks for all of your help, Mike!

Eric Bliss Park Slope

Wonderful Service

I was experiencing a problem with my computer whereby it would shut down continuously after trying to reboot. I called Mike that morning and was able to make an appointment the same evening. He arrived at the scheduled time. He explained various options to me in that the problem could have been hardware or software related. He was able to boot the computer using a utility he had and first asked me what data I wanted to back up to my external drive. After backing up my data which included a business program critical to my business operation, he proceeded to wipe my harddrive and reinstall windows and all my original software. The reinstall went very well. This solved the problem. Everything was restored and the computer is working better than ever. Mike is a very knowledgeable, true professional, and a genuinely nice person. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing computer assistance.

Mitch Wrubel Park Slope

above and beyond

I had a custom workstation whose manufacturer went out of business and left me with no tech support whatsoever. Brooklyn PC not only helped me troubleshoot extensively, over the phone, for free, but was fast, knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. Not to mention very cheap for the amount of service provided, even after the repair contract was finished. EXCELLENT service highly recommended. Will definitely use in the future.

Teddy Gage Brooklyn

Great for small business

Mike and his associates have provided invaluable assistance to me and my firm over the last 18 months. I run a small computer-intensive business with a network of about 6 workstations, a server, printers, etc. Besides being the owner I am the "chief technology officer" and am actively involved in setting up our systems and keeping them running smoothly. Mike has helped me repair or rebuild computers on short notice to keep my employees working productively. Just as importantly for me, he has always been available by phone and email to assist me when I am troubleshooting a problem myself. In that way he provides me with the two tiers of service I require: hands on expertise when I have a problem I can't resolve, and phone-based support and advice when I'm trying to fix something myself. Mike is smart, knowledgeable, and a real pleasure to deal with.

Richard Grisaru Dumbo, Brooklyn

highly recommended

With knowledge, intelligence and experience (not to mention a charming, gentlemanly manner)Mike focuses on the problem and upon the problem's solution, with invariable success. Mike also shares generously his knowledge and experience so that one is better informed and knowledgeable about computer issues and solutions.

Harry Organek Park Slope

Mike did a great job for me. He was efficient, smart, nice, helpful, generous with advice and made himself available when I need him. I am delighted to find someone to turn to for help with my computer. I would recommend him highly.

Mary Grimes Cobble Hill

Dedicated to every task

Mike is amazingly knowledgeable and has a complete professional manner. He is always prompt and is eager to help with even the slightest problem. He shows great dedication and passion with every task. Mike can save you time and money. I recommend Mike for all of your computer needs.

Shaun Z Brooklyn

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