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Mike it a wiz! I've had him fix my computer and help me many times, and he always manages to get to the problem in the most cost efficient way! I'd recommend him to any one like me who is computer clueless and needs some help. (and also to people who know what they are doing and need some help) He's also super nice and trustworthy.

Alyssa ny, ny

I have had many people try to address the problems in my computer - Mike is the only person who actually fixed it so it is up and running smoothly! Kudos!

madeline belkin bklyn

Bailed me out

So here it was, the night before I was scheduled for a big code haul and I couldn't log in to my client's FTP site to save my life. I desperately needed help and I wrote Mike. He helped me pinpoint the problem (one of my PC security settings was cranked up too high), and before you could say "holy login!" I was back in business. Now me and my client are both happy campers. Thank you, caped PC superhero! Best, Gloria Park Slope

Gloria Park Slope, Brooklyn

My two experiences with Mike have been very positive. On both occasions he communicated very well and was flexible with my various requests. I recommend him highly and will go to him with any computer problems I may have while I'm in NYC.

Damon Fort Greene

A lifesaver

Both a technical whiz and a straight shooter. He's always adding value, going beyond the problem to suggest ways to run my pc's better. I cannot recommend him enough.

Tom Shpetner Park Slope

Efficient, Friendly and Brilliant

My computer was discharged from the Brooklyn PC clinic today and is running at least twice as fast as it did at the time of admission. Mike is a smart, straight arrow who gets it right the first time and provides great value. The Brooklyn PC clinic is a great find.

Brian Gale Riverdale (Bronx)

My computer system is the lifeblood of my small business, and having Mike available to keep things running smoothly is invaluable. He is prompt, articulate, and helpful in a great many ways, not only troubleshooting but suggesting new methods and solutions. I recommend him very highly.

Jane Chelius Park Slope

I had a great experience with Mike. He was thoughtful about my particular computing needs and communicated clearly and patiently. He'll be the first call I make re any future problems.

Gayle Kirshenbauml Park Slope


My wife and I have been relying on Mikes help for over 5 years now, and he is not only reliable and knowledgable, but he's incredibly loyal. His advice is directed towards giving me the best help while saving me money. I have no hesitancy in recommending his services.

Peter Bonner Boerum Hill

You Can Count on Mike

I heard about Mike from my aunt in Park Slope. She steered me right, and now I will do the same for you! Mike is smart, knowledgable, reliable, and always responsive (he once answered a call while he was in England). He tells you what your options are and he's honest and patient. Plus he never makes you feel silly or foolish even when you know your question probably is silly or foolish. I regard that as a very special talent.

Emily W. Cobble Hill

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