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Michael was very thorough is his troubleshooting approach to determine what the problem was. I highly recommend him.

Jim Hyder Brooklyn

We love Mike

Not only is he a nice and honest guy, but he really knows his stuff. I have always found him to be prompt, reliable, and conscious of cost.

Anne Sherman Brooklyn

Mike was back to fix my comptuter again and I was very pleased with his through job as before he really did a good job. He really cares about what he does so your computer is really in good hands. If you care about your computer let Mike work on it because he really cares about the job he performs on it.

Jackie Battle Brooklyn

When my laptop suddenly stopped working properly, I contacted Mike, who was able to quickly work me into his busy schedule. Mike not only helped me fix the problem, but got my computer into the best shape it's been in in quite a while. The information and advice he shared with me during the repair process was equally invaluable. I enthusiastically recommend Mike to anyone with a tech project or problem.

Gary Wickham Downtown Brooklyn

Mike was a real life saver!! After literally months of massive computer crises, he was able to fix our problem in 2 hours and solve problems that we could not have foreseen. He also gave us fair advice on what to do to protect our computer and what to do to upgrade our pc. I would call Mike without a doubt. Moriah and Peter

moriah carlson and peter bonner 231 5th Ave 3L

Hightly Recommended

Mike Jonas works with your schedule and always arrives on time. He is friendly and maintains a professional demeanor. Mike is very patient and willing to explain what he is doing in layman's terms. He goes above and beyond the particular task he is there to perform by sharing additional pointers, following up with helpful links and downloads, and keeping and eye out for good prices on software or hardware your system can benefit from. His hourly rate is fair and he is mindful of the time while he is working.

A. Bastiaans Brooklyn

Mike is a real find. He works wonders without acting like a wonder-worker. I eagerly recommend him to anyone.

Ken Peterson Brooklyn

Mike is a 5 star computer whiz.....professional and caters to your computer needs.....even while on vacation Mike solved our computer problems......he gets our highest recommendation....You're nuts if you don't call him!!

Gary and Shelley Brooklyn

Computer Genius

Mike is unquestionably a must have for anyone who owns a small business! He clearly understands the importance of protection, technology advancements, and most importantly - piece of mind for small business owners. I highly recommend adding Mike to your speed dial which will allow you to cross off one new years resolution - Not worrying about your computer or computers in 2005!

Justin Manhattan, NY

Mike is the Man!

Mike has patiently dealt with the myriad questions we've put his way -- dealing with viruses and spyware, setting up a home network, etc. Super helpful, highly recommended

Tom Shpetner Park Slope

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