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Saved Me $1000

Mike saved me a grand last night by fixing a troubled PC. I was ready to "put a bullet" in it and buy and new systems. Mike was the last chance, the trauma surgeon in the ER. He found a complex set of software problems and fixed them on the spot, then SHOWED me how to upgrade the system. When in doubt HIRE THIS GUY...he's superb, smart and personable.

Jack Cage Park Slope South, Brooklyn

Mike was a tremendous help when our computer crashed. He responded quickly, diligently worked on & solved the problem, all with a pleasant demeanor. Highly recommended.

Carla Brooklyn

i ahd a problem and after searching the internet i came across your listing so i tried it to see what kind of help i would get and to my surprise i receieved very good help unforunatly my problem to more then can be handled and i need some one to physcially come out and help me with mike was very helpful and i will use him again whenever i need help i am going to add your email address to my list and i will send you a funny email that you all may find funny thanks dave mike take care and God bless you

dave rich va.


This is my second review. I called Mike with a question about capturing video onto my PC from my camcorder. I wasn't sure if this was a problem he could assist me with, but again, within 2 hours he had installed a firewire port and an internal DVD burner and had me capturing video with ease. He gave great advice on using the video editing software as well as when I should think about getting another hard drive. Mike has a breadth of knowledge that can be readily applied to a wide variety of situations. Great work!

Moriah Carlson Brooklyn

PR Consultant

My recent move from Virigina resulted in two crashing computers, extreme panic and difficult questions - do I try to save them or get a new one? Mike offered his opinion - a new computer - and when I was ready helped me through the process of selecting a Dell and setting it up. Thanks, Mike!

Janet Andrew Brooklyn

Great job!

Mike has kept the nasty viruses and spyware away from my computer and been a great help. Computers are never as "user-friendly" as their manufacturers like to believe; people like Mike perform an invaluable service for the rest of us.

Cynthia Gelper Brooklyn


Mike was thorough, dependable and very patient! Thanks for your great service - I will definitley recommend you to everyone I know!

Caylin Sanders Brooklyn

We have called upon Mike several times, with great success. He is immediately responsive, extremely knowledgeable and effective, and frugal on our behalf. He communicates well with us about technical issues and has shown a great ability to understand our family's computer needs and uses. We think he's terrific and a great find.

Leslie Newman and Joel Copperman

Thank You so much, Mike for walking me thru a most dificult situation!! We did it!! yay lol I had to reformat my hard drive, and xp wouldn't install over 98se..ughh..but Mike saved the day and my sanity!! *big hugs* :)

Kellie Calif

A fabulous resource!

My weekly automatic virus scan was taking an unbelievable 2 1/2 hours to complete. Thank you, Mike, for sitting patiently, and watching it do what it did. This past Friday it took a whole 20 minutes! You've confirmed again what I've known for about a year now: you're a genius, which is why why I've referred so many people to you, and will continue to do so. You're a fabulous resource -- fair, patient, professional and highly talented.

Paula Cohen Park Slope, Brooklyn

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