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Principal of Design Co.

for sombody who is computer illiterate and italian he is amazing and clear if i can undestand his instructions even over the phone anybody can....

Millie DeCabrol Ltd New York, NY

I Would Highly Recommend!

Mike was professional, courteous, and reliable. He showed up on time, worked efficiently and did everything that I was expecting. All for a reasonable price. I will definitely use him in the future and recommend him to others.

J Darrow Coney Island

Mike Rules !!!

Mike saved my old computer and helped me in picking out my new one and setting it up. Reasonably priced and very professional. Great with the updates too. Highly recommended.

Camp Childers Park Slope

great service

Mike saved my husband's computer. He did it within about 24 hours. He charged a reasonable fee, and he was completely professional. I absolutely recommend him and will use him in the future.

Linda A. Tvrdy park slope, brooklyn

A winner!!!

Mike has been invaluable in helping me keep my office going. I am a psychologist in private practice and require total handholding and support when it come to my computer system--setting up new computers, trouble shooting and installing software. Mike has always provide fast, reliable, reasonably priced service. I have recommended him to friends and they all have the same reaction: "How did you find this guy!!!"

Richard A Levine Park Slope

Saved! after a crash

I cannot thank Mike enough for all he has done recently to help us through these computer crises. The back-up system that had he set up for us has turned out to be a godsend. We have had the bad luck to experience 2 different hard-drive crashes, in the last few months. For the first one - countless architectural drawings would have been lost, had we not put in the place the system he suggested for regularly backing up our system. In addition to the regular back-ups of documents, when we were discussing what systems I should have in place, he also set up an automatic save of all of my e-mails, and set it up so that I could find and import it. Since I work with people for negotiated settlements, I have significant e-mail negotion data, which I keep in files, sorted by the case name. When my clients sign the final settlement, I can delete the correspondence that led up to the settlement. This has saved me lots of paper in my files, plus allows me to search the electronic correspondence. But when my computer died, I realized how lucky I was that Mike had set that up. I had irreplaceable correspondence, with terms that I could not have recreated. Had I not had that information, I would have lost time, money, as well as risked damage to my reputation as a competent business-person, because of having information that I had previously charged my clients for obtaining. Finally, on numerous occasions, Mike has been very responsive in these crises. For all of this I do offer my heart-felt gratitude and thanks.

Rachel Green Park Slope

Computer therapist :)

I met Mike when still living in Park Slope when my laptop LCD needed to be replaced... I continue to consult Mike from Ithaca, where I now live.. He has always been quick to respond, and find solutions as well as kind and understanding which is so important under these upsetting circumstances. I whole heartedly recommend him.

Nishkala Leslie Jenney Ithaca, NY

The titan of tech repair

Courteous, well-informed, and wonderfully helpful. I especially appreciated Mike's continuous patience and honesty in explaining my laptop's vast web of dysfunction, and comparing and assessing potential causes, costs, and solutions. Give Mike a call!

Joanna Brooklyn, NY

Mike is the best

Mike's work is exemplery, he is reliable, and responds at a moments notice. He has a solution to everything -- A few weeks ago I accidentely deleted a file off a USB drive and e-mailed Mike in a panic. He responded within minutes and helped me recover the entire file. I couldn't praise both him, and his work, more highly.

Hannah Park Slope

Couldn't be happier.

I've taken two computers to Mike and I couldn't be more satisfied with his work, his rates and his incredibly prompt, personal service. He's there on a moments notice (literally) - very competent, really helpful, and a super nice guy.

Hannah Prospect Heights

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