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STOP-Look no further

Having just read some of the reviews preceding mine, I must say I concur totally. Mike is so professional and personable. He appears to work miracles on a regular basis. Knowing what people's computers mean to them, he makes himself as available as he can, and he is like an old fashioned doctor who makes house calls when necessary. I've worked with him several times and will again any time. He really knows his stuff.

Lynn Nortman Park Slope Brooklyn


MIKE SAVED MY CAREER! Not having been born into the computer generation, I was at a complete loss to register and bill for my last year of therapy sessions--even with a clearinghouse supposedly to do this for me. In at-home and remote meetings, Mike cleared up the problems with my laptop and, more importantly, my skills at handling it and the many forms I needed to submit. Thanks to him, I am now being paid for my last year of work and can continue into the future. I will always be grateful and will consult him for any future computer needs, as will my husband. Thanks again, Mike!

Dini Evanier, LCSW Brooklyn, NY

I was having serious computer problems this last October when a friend referred me to Mike. He was very smart, diligent, persistent and solved a problem that involved conversations with Dell, Verizon, and an IT from work. He sorted things out and discovered the problem. I am most grateful to him and will not hesitate to contact him again for any computer problems. Thanks, again, Mike!

Crystal Johnson Park Slope Brooklyn

Communicative, Honest, Direct

This is a very overdue review for great services rendered in mid-November of 2013. Very sorry for the delay, life got in the way. I called around and researched a few tech service companies that did "house calls." Mike Jonas was the first to address the fact that my (deliberately old but well maintained) Windows XP Workstation system needed a specific type of hard drive compatibility. I immediately ordered a replacement drive following Mike's freely given advice, and booked him for the following week. Upon his prompt arrival, he immediately diagnosed the problem of turtle-like boot-ups and equally slow program and file loads to a conflict between two anti-virus programs that ran concurrently (though they had never had any issues for three years prior) and NOT to the hard drive and/or controller failure that I expected. This was a "fix" that took only seconds, and Mike would have left then with minimal cost to me. But since he made the trip, I took advantage of his expertise in advising me as to different anti-malware and backup software options and asked him to swap out one of my existing hard drives for the new, larger one that I purchased. A lot of other valuable advice came out of this conversation as he worked. This entire visit was pleasant, professional, and-- while I hope to NOT have any other concerns with my PC-- I would not hesitate to use Brooklyn PC Clinic and Mike Jonas to service it again. And YOU should as well... he is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Thank you, Mike, for keeping this old but effective rig humming and for all your consideration!

Giancarlo M. Brooklyn, NY

Gerhard Meilen., Esq.

Mike was pompt, courteous and most eficient. Also reasonable. In 36 hours he removed a very malicious virus from my laptop, which was blanking out my screen and holding me up for ransom, Since I an attorney who does a good deal of work from home and maintains a remote desktop to my office, I am most grateful.

Gerhard Meilen Brooklyn, NY

This is third time Mike had done work for me. Can't recommend highly enough!! Will always be my go to computer repair service.

James Regan Gerritsen Beach

honest, dependable, and knows his stuff!

been with Mike for many years and he's a real pro...... timely call backs , quick service and honesty... what more do you want?

Gary B Brooklyn

Best Tech Guy Ever!!!

My office have use Mike's services for many many years and we continue to call him for every problem and not only is he knowledgeable about computers we are always up and running when he leaves our office. I have even brought in my own laptop to be fix. That;s how much I believe in Brooklyn PC Clinic. Thanks again Mike.

V. Colon New York, NY

Highly Recommended

My computer wouldn't turn on. I searched for places where I could get a computer diagnostic. I decided to take my computer to Mike based upon reviews I had read. Mike was efficient, knowledgeable, likable, affordable and reliable. He fixed my computer. I have a second computer that needs attention and I will for sure take it to Mike.

Jeremy Kruse Brooklyn

I've used Brooklyn PC clinic to troubleshoot problems on my home computer, clean up my computer when it got horribly infected and to help me choose a laptop quite suited to my needs and price and I've always been extremely satisfied. What is more, I've recommended BPC Clinic to friends who have also be very happy with their work. Lovely to have someone I can count on when my computer issues outdistance my abilities.

Joan Erskine Brooklyn

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